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Discovering a better world with VR Therapy

Sumootech is a Virtual Reality Platform in order to Improve the Life of ASD WITH THE AID OF THEORY OF MIND

VR Tech

Cutting-edge Virtual Reality in the Worlds of Education and Treatment.


Comprehensive Training Under Supervision of Professional Caretaker for Individuals and Groups.


Each Single Game is Thoroughly Designed for Improving a Specific ASD


Supported by All VR Devices Such as HTC, OCULUS, etc.

What we Do

Product Featured

Sumootech is a highly tech-savvy company whose focus is on producing contents and designing games on VR platform in order to improve ASD developmental disability that can cause significant social, Communication and behavioral challenges such as joint attention, false belief, social skills.

Discovering a Better World With
VR Therapy

We are a group of passionate individuals who are professionals in the field of developing software, application and game platform for various industries. our company is now focused on health and well-being of people world-wide with the aid of virtual reality- at this moment mainly children with autism spectrum disorder.

Our Vision

Sumootech’s Vision: to improve the lives of Children with high- functioning ASD.

Our Mission

Sumootech’s Mission: to introduce a sustainable and effective therapy with the aid of VR and data collection for future improvements.



Our Background

Over 10 years experience in clinical treatment in the field ASD.

Strong Network

Developing Strong Rapport with Expert Psychotherapists, Developers and Game Designers

Business Development

Great Consultant and Market Researchers Help us to Enlighten The Bumpy Road Ahead.


Early Intervention Can Change a Life.

Autism is a complex, lifelong developmental disability that typically appears during early childhood and can impact a person’s social skills, communication, relationships, and self-regulation. Autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a “spectrum condition” that affects people differently and to varying degrees. A broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with.

Social Skills

Repetitive Behaviors

Speech and Nonverbal Communication

Joint Attention


Choose Your Best Plan

Our services are exclusively designed for clinics, schools, children hospitals and other health care centers. Our pricing policy is based on the period of subscription, number of simultaneous users and various levels of accessibility to contents. It is best to consult with us before choosing your plan.







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Our Product

Impressive environments designed to train and improve developmental disabilities of ASD.

Farhad Abedi

Product Owner

Mohammad Ali RezaSoltani


Arastoo Doust

Product Manager

Elham Rezasoltani

Legal Services

Elnaz Doust

Business Developer

Mohammad Galouz Lee

Software Developer

Peace Awebwa

Marketing Analyst

Touraj Anbara

Clinical Researcher

Ali Jalali

Marketing Manager


Meet Our Team

Our team is consist of professionals from various fields such as IT developers, clinical psychologists and researchers, business developers and market researchers.

Latest News

Check out our latest activities.

Test the concept

Test the concept

The beta version of our game was tested on 2 ASD children, aged 10 and 11 years old, in the Baran Autism clinic. the process of testing reported as successful.…

Beta version of game

Beta version of game

The first draft of our first product was designed based on several clinical researches. The process of story-telling was ,also, produced after data gathering of gaps and needs in order…

Story of ideation

Story of ideation

Based on the detailed request from the partner clinic, it was decided to generate the concept of designing an educational game for autistic children. It supposed to improve specific deficit…


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